S7G-USA is proud to announce the official release of our new line of bass guitars. Many people familiar with S7G know I am a bass player (Antithesis and Shatter Messiah) yet I have not pursued a bass line with any seriousness until now. The main reason for this new official release is I am finally happy, comfortable, and satisfied with where our guitar line is headed and decided it was time to apply this knowledge to a bass line. I have had many requests for basses, but much like our 6-string guitars, it took me awhile to pull the trigger. And just like my focus on longer scale guitars for my metal, down-tuned  brethren, I wanted to bring standard long scale and multiscale bass models to the public without needing to go through the custom shop.



The Copperhead was the original bass model we started in 2013 with Simone Bertozzi of Mnemic and we needed it to produce a low F frequency with some balls and clarity, which it does magnificently. At 36” in length, maple and purpleheart neck through for the Bartolini #72M55C-B and T M5 Soapbar pickups to direct mount, and lightweight swamp ash wings; this beast is loud, clear, and will punch you in the throat. Adding the Bartolini Pre-Amp 18V HR-3.4/918 3-band EQ intensifies and allows further control of all these frequencies to sooth and satisfy the most discerning tone monster.  The sleek carved top body design and smooth belly carve hugs the player while making it comfortable to shred whether you are a pick or finger player. The individual ABM saddles add mass and tone to each string and can be strung through body to further enhance your sustain. And the super jumbo 58-118 Ni-Ag fret wire on a 30” radiused striped ebony fret board makes the fast play effortless.  Currently, the Copperhead is available in 5-string only, but 4, 6, and likely 7-strings will rear their heads in mid-2017



The Sidewinder has the same sleek and smooth body carves and wood combinations found in the Copperhead, but we took our multiscale mathematics and applied it to this bass. I figured if I’m going to build metal basses, I want one, and I want multiscale!  The Sidewinder is a 35”-33” scale creation designed with my personal preferences in mind. I rarely play in F, so 35” is plenty long enough for B or drop A and maintains the low B string tension I prefer with a .125 which is so much more comfortable for my right hand/fingers. For the pick players, they can go with .130 or .135 if they need more tension for their aggressive attack.  But the beauty here is the arpeggios are much easier with the shortening scale as you ascend. We use the same Bartolini pickups and pre-amp here because there is no sense in messing with a good thing. Single ABM saddles are also the theme of the day with this beauty as well as a 30” radius and super jumbo 58-118 Ni-Ag fret wire on striped ebony. Dangerously fast.



The Python is a tip of the hat to our roots.  Much more traditional in shape but the specs maintain the S7G flair. Maple and purpleheart neck through with deep neck cutaway, 20 or 24 frets, super comfortable belly carve and arm cut, swamp ash wings, a Hipshot A-style bridge, 34” scale, 20” radius, and then available in P-, J-, or P-J variations for all of my non-metal peeps. Again, we utilize Bartolinis with the #8S P-Bass pair and then the 9J-L1’s for the straight J or P-J set ups. The 18V HR-3.4/918 pre-amp is optional here, but not standard. We use the Hipshot Cloverleaf tuning keys on the Python to further add to the nostalgia and traditional flow these neck through creations exude. We are planning 5-string versions of these classics as well, which will be outfitted with A-Style Hipshot bridges and 35” scale lengths.

All 3 production lines will be available for order in February 2017. The Copperheads and Sidewinders were released to our Japan market November 7th at the Tokyo Music Fair to much fan-fare, and to our U.S. market in June 2016 at Nashville Summer NAMM.  To “feel” low F in your chest is fantastic!  Our Python model will debut in Anaheim, January 2017 at Winter NAMM. Pricing starts at $2,100 for the Python line and caps out at $2,995 for the Sidewinder. S7G will be offering the same compliment of custom shop options found with our guitar lines in our bass models to allow our customers to create their perfect bass.