Hello to the S7G-USA world! 

It has been awhile since I have made a post personally, but I wanted to take a moment and share some exciting news for both S7G as well as all of our CUSTOM SHOP customers.

For those supporters who have followed the nearly 3 year saga of trials and tribulations experienced by the S7G-USA team and myself, kept your faith in us, and believed me to be the man of my word I claim to be, I send a huge THANK YOU!  Chris, Eric, Dave, Aaron, Jason, Matt, Jeremy and his Brand2Xpand team, and I have busted hump to get caught up on the long awaited custom shop orders that our customers have placed and given us their hard earned money towards. In addition, we have continued to grow S7G and unveiled new models, we're adding new artists, and opening new Dealers.  We will also be attending Summer NAMM for the first time ever! Visit us at booth # 1253.

As today's CUSTOM SHOP BLOG UPDATE demonstrates, we have finished all but 1 of our old orders, with the last one scheduled for completion by the end of the month!  Aaron R.'s crazy custom prototype was a hit, and a couple changes will be made for the final model. Man it was a fun build, and was only 12 months from drawing board to a finished, playable, prototype.  Quite incredible when you consider we have been simultaneously building models for Shimamura and their Dealers.

We have turned the proverbial corner and have streamlined our processes, employed new organizational techniques, and have had the support of our investors who believe in the S7G product as much as we do!  Thanks to our investors we have been able to purchase more quality equipment including our UV Cure paint booth which has been a HUGE help in expediting the build process. Also worth mentioning, we've added a REAL and very talented guitar painter, Aaron, to the team.  We continue to strive to improve the manufacturing process, my personal organizational skills, and all the necessary internal workings of S7G-USA to insure proper work flow and quality control.  More improvements need to be made to tweak the process, but all in all, we have come through the fire tired, hot, worn, and stronger!

As I said earlier this year with my first Video Blog a few months ago, I am a man of my word and I am not in this business to steal from customers. I am blessed to finally have assembled the team we have, all of whom care about the quality and integrity of what we do.  Everyone who had an order has received their guitar/bass and has been extremely happy with the result, despite the wait, and I have ensured things have been made right with them all.  

32 Fret Cobra 7 String Prototype

32 Fret Cobra 7 String Prototype

As people can see, our current Custom Shop list has been on track with the new 6 month guarantee I mention in my VLOG, and actually FASTER than the guarantee.  We have averaged 4 months on custom turnarounds for designs we already have CAD work for, and still under the 12 months for things that require brand new CAD/CAM (Scott A's new model 6-string bass, Aaron R's 32 fret monster).

For our nay-sayers and detractors: I had a litany of things I wanted to say, but all the above hard work says everything that needs to be said.  No need to descend into low energy activities.  Those who need convincing cannot be convinced, right?  Cliche as it is, it is true.  I thank you just the same for providing me the fuel and drive to better myself, S7G-USA, and our product.  If I keep working hard, I hope to be as perfect and skilled at running a business and building guitars as all you seem to be.  I will also pray that you all can find happiness in your lives that doesn't stem from trying to bring others down, I truly do.

Again, thank you all, from the bottom of my heart and soul, for your support, confidence, faith, encouragement, and kinds words.  It is a challenge to be an American Company in this market, do all the work here in Ohio, provide jobs for American workers, and support all the small businesses that benefit from an S7G-USA guitar or bass.  All of us are truly blessed to have such an awesome fan base! 

God Bless,