If we do not deliver the customer's qualified custom shop piece in 6 months or less, then the customer will not have to pay more than their 50% deposit, plus shipping, VAT, and/or duties.


Please read below for full disclaimers and details of our Custom Shop process and guarantee.


1. Active CS list/orders will be limited to 10 paying customers at any given time in the shop

2. 50% deposit is required to have your name added to the Custom Shop Build List

3. Once 50% deposit has been collected AND the signed build quote/spec sheet has been

returned to orders@strictly7.com then the 6 month guarantee build time will start.**

­­any changes made to the custom build as signed and agreed to will create a $100

administrative charge per change, and then the 6 month time frame restarts from the

date of the change(s).

4. Any Custom Orders requested beyond 10 will be placed on a Wait List, no deposit required.

5. Once a Custom Shop build is completed, the customer will be notified for final payment.

6. The first person on the Wait List will be notified they are next up on the Custom Shop Build list

and the process begins again as outlined in steps 1­5 above. In the event the first person on the

build list does not have a deposit prepared, the next person on the list will be contacted, an so on.


**The 6 month guarantee applies to current spec combinations available on the Custom Shop

page. For example, a custom Cobra request that is based off what S7G has already done but

requires custom woods, paint, pickups, etc. will fall under the 6­month rule. However, a custom

fret number and scale length or combination thereof, or new body design does NOT fall under the

6­month guarantee and will be quoted at a 12 month minimum build time to allow for prototyping

to insure a quality end product. We may be done quicker than 12 months, but the same

guarantee as the 6 month guarantee DOES NOT apply.


Finally, if the wood requests are so unique as to cause difficulty in sourcing the woods, S7G will

notify the customer immediately to discuss other options or allow for extended time to complete

the build as wood sourcing/availability is not the fault of S7G. Good examples are ebony tops,

olive wood bodies, and snake wood fingerboards wider than 7­string guitars, or long enough for

greater than 27.5" scale. These can be sourced, but may take several weeks, or months to find

suitable options.


Thank you for your business. All of us at S7G­USA appreciate it very much!