s7g try before you buy


Interested in an S7G USA instrument? 

Want to build a custom shop instrument but not sure you’re going to love it? 

S7G USA has a solution!


S7G USA has select instruments available to ship to your doorstep for demos! 

Record with it, perform with it, take selfies with it, or just rock out in your basement with it! 

A deposit is required and once returned, the only cost is shipping it to you!




Program Details:

  • Currently available in domestic USA for customers outside 30 mile radius of S7G USA Dealers
  • Deposit required via Master Card or VISA, plus shipping to your location
  • 2 week demo period, starting on delivery date.
  • Return shipping label will be included (No additional shipping charges to return)
  • Repackage and ship back on 14th day to S7G USA with provided shipping label
  • Upon receiving returned instrument, S7G will inspect the instrument and initiate the return of your deposit within 3 business days, OR use the deposit towards your order.
  • If you order a new S7G USA instrument after demoing one, you receive free shipping on your new instrument


Contact us if you’d like to demo an S7G instrument!


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Try Before You Buy FAQ


Q:  Will you ship the exact guitar I’m interested in?


A:  S7G has several instruments for demo to experience our neck profile, tone, construction etc and better help you make a decision for your next custom shop order or production item.  However, if the exact model you’re interested in is available, your S7G USA representative will discuss with you.


Q:  How exactly do I send the instrument back?


A:  Your instrument will need to be taken to a FedEx office or other FedEx drop off location before their last pickup on the 14th day of the demo.  Please contact S7G USA when the instrument has been dropped off so we can track the package.  You will be responsible for repackaging the instrument to ensure it’s safety.  FedEx office can package the instrument for you, but you would be responsible for the fees. S7G USA will provide a shipping label for the return.


Q:  How much is the deposit?


A:  The deposit required is $950.00 USD and includes shipping cost to you.  Upon returning your deposit, the initial shipping cost would be deducted from the deposit.  For example, if it cost $32.00 USD to ship your demo guitar, we would refund $918.00 USD back to you.  Return shipping is always free.


Q:  What if I keep the guitar past the 14th day?


A:  S7G USA will assume you’d like to purchase the guitar and charge the remaining Street Price balance to your card on file.  Our normal warranty and return policy would apply to this purchase. (LINK TO WARRANTY PAGE)


Q:  I loved the guitar, sent it back, and want to order a guitar.  Now what?


A:  Excellent.  Let us know before returning the demo that you’ll be ordering a guitar and we’ll credit it towards your new purchase.  An S7G REP will contact you concerning turn around, deposits, etc on your new order.


We also understand you might need a some time to make that decision.  Send the guitar back and we’ll refund the deposit as normal.  All demo program customers are eligible for free shipping on their final instrument’s order up to 6 months.


Q:  I want to buy the demo you sent me?


A:  If not prearranged with your S7G USA representative, we likely will want it back.  These models are for many customers to enjoy and aid in making informed purchases.  Your demo agreement will denote wether your exact demo instrument is available for purchase.


Q:  I returned my S7G USA Demo, but have not received my refund.


A:  Please allow 3 business days, excluding holidays and weekends for us to inspect the instrument and process your refund.  Also every bank and card company’s policies and processing time differs, often 3-5 business days.


Q:  What if the instrument is damaged?


A:  S7G USA will provide in the demo agreement, a description of any wear on the guitar.  Please immediately contact your S7G USA upon receiving the instrument if there is undocumented damage.  If the instrument is damaged while in your care, please contact S7G USA.  S7G USA will inspect all returned instruments within 3 business days of receiving and issue your refund.  Any new damage found will be charged to the customer up to full replacement / deposit value of the instrument.  S7G USA will make reasonable efforts to contact customer durring inspection period if new damage is present.